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About Research

Clinical trials, or medical research, are carefully conducted to find new drugs or treatments that are safe and effective for patients with cardiac abnormalities.
Cardiology Associates of Corpus Christi is dedicated to providing optimum and progressive care to our patients. Our Research Department is actively conducting drug and device studies. Patient participation in a clinical trial is voluntary and a major contributory factor to the science of medicine. Participants remain under the direction of their primary care physician during their study.

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About Clinical Trials

Go to: http://www.niaid.nih.gov

1. Click: Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Home Page

2. Scroll down and click on “Clinical Trials” under header “Opportunities”

3. Click: “What is a clinical trial?”

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Contact Information

For more information or questions, call and ask for our Research Department at

(361) 888-8271, or out of town 1-800-451-4738.

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Research Protocols

Click here to review current/prospective trials.


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