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Current Research Study Trials

Clinical trials, or medical research, are carefully conducted to find new drugs or treatments that are safe and effective for patients with cardiac abnormalities.
Research Study Trials Current/Prospective


    • MEDTRONIC ATP – ATP in Fast VT Study


    • CARS Sweet Tip – Study to show that the pacing thresholds of theSweet Tip RX is different than that of other market-released steroid-elutingpositive-fixation pacing leads.


    • CARS – AICD- Comparison of Dual and Single chamber therapy responsivenessusing the Guidant Ventak AICD family.


    • ST. Jude AutoCapturePacing Systems feature when the system is utilizinga current U.S. market approved lead other than the Passive PlusDX and Tendril DX.


    • RID-AF Reduced Incidence and Duration (Burden) of AF/AT with theJewel AF/GEM III AT-Study to determine whether patients with atrialtachyarrhythmia prevention and termination therapies programmedON spend less overall time in AF/AT than patients with atrial tachyarrhythmia

      prevention therapies turned OFF.


    • Silent Atrial Fibrillation Detection with Stored EGMS (SAFE) – Studythat will investigate the percentage of patients with sick sinussyndrome that develop AD after pacemaker implantation. InvestigatingEGM capabilities of dual chamber Guidant device.


    • Synergistic Effects of Risk Factors for Sudden Cardiac Death (SERF)- Study to evaluate simultaneous effects of common risk factorsfor sudden cardiac death incidence in newly implanted ICD patients.


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    • Merit HF – Randomized intervention trial in Heart Failure evaluatingthe efficacy of a beta blocker.


    • Prince Study – Study to evaluate the effects of 40 mg oral pravastatindaily on plasma concentrations of hs-CRP over a 24 week treatment.Random assigned to pravastatin or to placebo.


    • ALIVE – AzimilidePost Infarct Survival Evaluation Trial. Doubleblind placebo controlled parallel designed study to determine theeffect of 75 or 100 mg orally administered Azimilide dihydrochlorideversus placebo on the survival in recent post myocardial infarction

      patients at risk of sudden death.


    • BRAVO- Blockage of the GPIIB/IIIA receptor to avoid vascular occlusion.To compare the incidence of clinical events in patients receivinglotrafiban or placebo when combined with ASA for at least 6 monthsand up to two years.


    • MAGIC – Double-blind placebo controlled trial that will randomizeacute MI patients at high risk of mortality to either a magnesiumor placebo infusion started within 6 hours or symptom onset andadministration over 24 hours.


    • ALLHAT – Antihypertensive and lipid lowering treatment to preventheart attack trial.


    • IMPACT – A 12-week, open-label study to examine patient complianceand incidence of liver function abnormalities with Advicor.


    • SYNERGY Study – Prospective, randomized, open-label, multi-centerstudy in high risk patients presenting with non-ST segment elevationacute coronary syndromes, including unstable angina and non-ST elevationMI managed with and intended early invasive treatment strategy.

      Patients will be randomized to receive UFH or enoxaparin and will

      receive concomitant anti-platelet and anti-ischemic therapy.


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    • OAT – opening an occluded infarct artery within 3-28 days postacute MI. Subjects are randomized to conventional therapy or conventionalplus PTCA/stent.


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    • MEDTRONIC AVE Stent- To determine the long term effectiveness ofMedtronic AVE S540 coronary stents in native coronary lesions.


    • COHERE – To collect clinically pertinent outcome data (e.g., mortality,need for hospitalization, use of concomitant medications, patientglobal assessment, NYHA class in patients with heart failure receivingCoreg.