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New Treatment for Chest Pain – What is EECP?
If you suffer from chronic angina pectoris, your physician may consider you a candidate for
Enchanced External Counterpulsation, or EECP. EECP is a nonsurgical, mechanical procedure that can reduce the symptoms of angina pectoris, by increasing coronary blood flow. The beneficial effects of EECP in patients with coronary artery disease appear to be sustained between treatments and may persist long after completion of therapy. Treatment involves a series of 35 one-hour sessions over approximately seven weeks.EECP is performed while lying on your back on a bed in a private room wearing a series of pressure cuffs around your calves, lower thighs, and upper thighs. The EECP system includes a pressure source that inflates and deflates these cuffs. The pressure moves the blood from your lower limbs toward the heart. EECP treatment session are painless. You may read, listen to music, watch television, or simply relax during your EECP therapy.

EECP is offered at our central location, 1521 S. Staples Street, Suite 500.
Cardiology Associates of Corpus Christi is currently the only provider for EECP treatment provider in the Coastal Bend.

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